Dynamons Evolution Puzzle & RPG Wiki

Located here is information on Story Mode. This excludes the tutorial as it is a separate section which can be found here. All of the game is accessible whether you pay or play for free, its just a matter of what time you can complete it in.

Basics == There are 83 levels which alternate between locations and consequently Dynamons available. The levels appear to follow a pattern where three levels are of one element and then follow onto the next element in the pattern of Fire, Water, Grass, Electric and Dark. This theme can be found reoccurring in the Dynadex as well. The Dynamons available in the levels do not follow the pattern but the Boss Fight at the end of the level will typically be a Dynamon following the theme of the location.

Experience gained in levels is fixed and as such means that if stuck on a level, the previously completed level should be repeated for the most amount of experience and gold, or if Rank 10 an Adventures battle which tend to give more gold and higher rarity Dynamons.

Trainer Trials and Elemental Trials


Fire Mountain

Glistening Beach

Snarlax Island

Dry Dry Desert

Dark Dark Cavern

Legendary Tower

Lava Lake

Lagoon Wasteland

Gymbear Jungle

Dynamons Temple

Moonlight Sanctum

Dynamons Stadium