Dynamons Evolution Puzzle & RPG Wiki

Summoning is a way to gather potentially new Dynamons. There are three forms of Summoning: Rare Summon, Special Summon and Buddy Summon. The rarity of all Dynamons summoned is independant of ones level and is dependent on the type of summon performed. 

Rare Summon

This is the most common type of summon as its the most available to the player. It offers the player a chance to get a Dynamon of 3,4 or 5 Star rarity including Evolution materials and level-up materials

Special Summon

This is a type of summon used to get Infernex after five summons. It costs 5 Gems to perform one summon. To get the Infernex it takes 25 gems, which is quite cheap to get a good 5 star rarity Dynamon.              

Buddy Summon

Drop Chances

There is an ongoing project for finding the probabilities of drop chances of specific rarities and Dynamons.

From a sample of 300 summons on rare summon, the chances of getting a 3 Star is 51.33%, 4 Star is 36% and 5 Star is 12.67%.